Glove Glu Mega Grip Glove Care System

Glove Glu Mega Grip Glove Care System

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The ultimate bundle for reviving your gloves.

This bundle is perfect for goalkeepers who want to revive & improve their existing gloves. The MEGAgrip Glove Care System is a long-lasting solution meaning you can extend the life of your goalkeeper gloves.

Our 3-Step System - Wash, Refresh, Revive ensures your gloves perform better & last longer.

Included:  (3 x 120ml)

- Premium Glove Wash & Prepare - Removes dirt from the latex area of goalkeeping gloves using the exclusive DirTECH formula, lifting dirt particles away from the surface, improving the performance of the gloves and a providing a longer glove life.

- glovefresh - Keep your gloves smelling fresh & odour free with our unique antibacterial formula. Unlike a perfume based spray that simply masks a smell, glovefresh works directly on the odour producing bacteria, eliminating them and the unpleasant smell.

- gloveglu MEGAgrip - Revive your gloves with MEGAgrip. 25% stronger than gloveglu Original, MEGAgrip is designed for older, more worn gloves. Our formula enhances the grip of any goalkeeper gloves. 

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